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For the health and longevity of our loved ones.

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Our Team and Advisors
  • Jon Carder

    Cofounder & CEO

  • Matt McCord

    Cofounder / Director of Engineering

  • Andrea Giralt

    EVP of Supply Chain and Manufacturing

  • Doug Lorenzen

    Director of Finance

  • Ryan Dranginis

    Growth / Analytics

  • Sam Driblin

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Kyle Brown

    Director of BD

  • Jesus Gonzalez, PhD

    Chief Scientist

  • Christian Chasmer

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Dan Riley

    Director of Medical Advisors

  • Paul Williams

    R&D Director

  • Andrew Breinbrink

    BD Channel, Athletes / Schools

  • Bucky Marcus

    BD Channel, Corporate Wellness

  • Matty V

    BD Channel, Keto

  • Kristen Hlozek

    Medical / Clinical Trial Advisor

  • Greg Roux

    Online Marketing, Paid Ads

  • Seth Sandler

    iOS Developer

  • Lee O'Donovan

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Trish Pavlecich

    Copy Writer

  • Dewey Erguder


  • John Norris

    FDA Advisor

  • James Bausano

    Research Assistant (Science)

  • Dr. Robert Buechel

    Medical Advisor and BD, Chiropractor Channel

  • Dr. Paula Strum

    Medical and Nutritional Advisor

  • Dr. Mike Moreno

    Medical Advisor

  • Dr. Sameer Berry

    Medical Advisor

  • Dr. Sam Niedbala

    LFA Dev / Mfg Advisor

  • Carson Whitsett

    Senior iOS Developer

  • Daniel Shvarts


  • Peter Haist

    Engineering Intern

  • Dr. Lane

    Medical Advisor

  • Mark Tholking

    Senior iOS Developer

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  • Mona Ezzat-Velinov, MD

  • Mike Moreno, MD

  • Dr. Andrew Brandeis, ND

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